Thursday, August 8, 2019

3 days before tishaa baav

Liquor in the nine days

Drinking wine in the nine days is prohibited

The רמ"א* writes, that wine vinegar is permissible in the 9 days.

The (מקור חיים (בכרך writes that the Minhag is to refrain from
חומץ יין & יין שרף three days before Tisha B'av.

The accepted translation today of יין שרף is "liquor/ whiskey"

I  think,
**  that perhaps "יין שרף" the מקור חיים was referring
only to wine brandy and not malt/corn whiskey.

I am not aware of any Poskim who prohibit whiskey in
the nine days

*תקנ"א סעיף י"א
**רמ"א סעיף י"א "מותר לשתות כל שכר"

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