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דא גזירת אורייתא


There are very few Kehilos left today , where 
special Yotzros are said on the Shabbosos between Pesach & Shavuos.

The אשל אברהם (Butchatch) (O.Ch.68) writes:

 that they stopped saying these Yotzros
from the times of the Arizal when they were
promised that no more pogroms or mass killings 
will ever happen  to Klal Yisroel 
(wishful thinking)

Therefore it is proper in our times not to say
Yotzros on Shabbos that remind us of sad 

These Piyutim were written in the times of
the crusades etc.when there were צרות
for Klal Yisroel. Then you may be sad even on
Shabbos .שלפעמים מתריעין בשב"ק על צרה שלא תבוא

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  1. Kli Yakar commentary on Devarim, chapter 2, verse 3:

    “If an Israelite in exile enjoys some
    small success, then he must hide it
    and conceal it completely from Eysav,
    because they are more jealous of
    Israel than any other nation,
    because according to their understanding,
    everything [that Israelites own]
    was stolen from them...”

    Rabbi Shlomoh Efraim of Luntchitz was born in
    Poland in 1550 and died in Prague in 1619.

    Kav HaYashar, chapter 18:

    “Because of our many sins, the Gentiles
    have their eyes on Jewish wealth. It is a very
    good idea to conceal your wealth from them.”

    CHRONOLOGY: Kav HaYashar
    written by Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Kaidanover 1705 CE.

    Kav HaYashar, chapter 82:

    “Imitating the fashions of the Gentiles... they
    provoke the jealousy and hatred of the Gentiles.

    They look at us and notice that Jewish women
    appear better dressed than the Gentile noble women;
    and we are in bitter exile, where according to justice
    we should be wearing black clothes to mourn the
    length of our exile and the destruction of the Temple.”

    Alexander H. Joffe [a Middle East Historian] said:

    “Increasingly, discrimination against Jews
    [especially in the academic world, as a result
    of the BDS movement] is regarded as legitimate
    whether or not there is any connection to Israel.”

    SOURCE: BDS Spreads Through Community
    Organizations and K-12 by Alexander Joffe, 2019 July 2

    Alexander H. Joffe
    [a Middle East Historian] said:

    Similarly, neo-Nazis in Germany have begun
    using the phrase “Israel is our misfortune,”
    a sentiment that converges with the German
    [Leftist] Green Party’s explicit support for BDS.

    The crossover between the two streams was
    seen recently when a founder of the
    Green Party spoke at a neo-Nazi event.

    SOURCE: BDS Spreads Through Community
    Organizations and K-12 by Alexander Joffe, 2019 July 2

    Mr. Yaakov Lappin [a military and
    strategic affairs correspondent] said:

    “An Iranian network of terrorist cells is spread
    out around the world, ready for activation at any time….”

    “The Iranians have built up a wide-reaching
    network of radical surrogates that extends
    beyond the Middle East. Members of this
    network range from hierarchical terror armies
    like Hezbollah, armed with massive arsenals
    of projectiles, to sleeper terrorist cells active
    in Europe, North America, and Latin America.”

    “This would explain the discovery and recent
    announcement of a Hezbollah bomb factory
    in London. It appears highly likely that the
    bombs were intended for Hezbollah cells
    intent on attacking Israeli targets in Britain.”

    “Past incidents have seen [Iran-backed]
    Hezbollah operatives scope out Israeli
    targets in countries as far away as Peru.”

    Iran Is Preparing a Worldwide Terror Network
    by Mr. Yaakov Lappin by 2019 July 3


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