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“ויאמר מי האנשים האלה עמך”   
Hashem asked Bilam:
” who are these people with you.”

The Rabeinu Bachya (Bechaya) writes that we don’t find 
anywhere in Tanach, Hashem asking questions
except when he does so to רשעים, to fool them (as if he doesn't know ch"v) so he can destroy them. 

That’s the reason Hashem asked Kayin,” איה הבל אחיך”.

What about when Hashem asked, 
1) Adam- איכה, (Breishis 3-9)
2) Moshe – מה זה בידך, (Shmos 4-2)
3) Eliyahu - מה לך פה אליהו (Melochim 1- 19 -9)

I have no answer, contributions accepted.

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  1. Dear Toras Aba,

    These are my answers to your questions:

    [1] About Adam HaRishon, he was not wicked,
    but G_D’s question came as a result of his sin.

    [2] About Moshe Rabbeinu, he was not wicked,
    but G_D’s question came immediately after Moshe
    accused the Jewish people of not listening to him.

    [3] About Eliyahu HaNavi, he was not wicked,
    but G_D’s question came immediately before
    he made an accusation against the Jewish people.

    I hope this helps.

    Mr. Cohen


    Mr. John Rossomando said:

    “[IUMS Trustee Sheikh Hassan Ould]
    Aldo and the [Muslim] Brotherhood
    use language similar to what Hamas
    used in its original charter, which
    rejected any peaceful coexistence.

    To them, Palestine is part of a
    waqf, a holy Islamic trust,
    that no person can negotiate away.”

    SOURCE: Muslim Brotherhood,
    Hamas: No Peace as Long as Israel Exists

    by Mr. John Rossomando, 2019 July 1


    Uzi Baruch wrote:

    Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed
    Has banned the wearing of the niqab
    [Islamic] face-veil in public institutions
    “for security reasons.”

    SOURCE: Tunisia bans the
    niqab Muslim face cover in public

    by Uzi Baruch, 5/7/2019 for Israel National News

    QUESTION: When will Europe and North America
    follow their example, and wisely ban the niqab?


    Mr. Stephen M. Flatow [an attorney
    in New Jersey and father of Alisa Flatow,
    who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored
    Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995] said:

    “…Israel ended its rule over 98 percent [98%]
    of the Palestinian Arabs back in [year] 1995.

    It is the Palestinian Authority that rules them.

    The gang [of political Far-Leftists
    and Progressives and Socialists] knows
    that Israel does not rule the area.

    So why do the Progressive Networkers
    persist in promoting the fantasy that
    Israel rules over the Arabs?

    Because demonizing Israel as the
    occupier galvanizes their followers.
    It gives them something to be upset about...”

    SOURCE: Ten Jewish groups unite
    against Israeli democracy
    by Stephen M. Flatow


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