Monday, June 3, 2019

מקורות למנהגים

Part 1
1) Eating seven-layer *cake.
2) Getting high by eating *cake laced with saffron

3) Throwing down apples from the Shul roof
4) Wearing face masks

5) Eating milk & honey
6) Eating a four-cornered Challah
7a) Young children are brought to Shul early
      in the morning wrapped in a coat.
7b) They are fed honey - honey*cake - an egg.

1) Seven-layer Cake
The Minhag in many German Kehilos was to bake for שבועות a seven-layer cake for the seven weeks we counted.

The Sefer יוסף אומץ ס' תתנ"ד writes the Minhag was to make
a kugel in the shape of a seven-rung ladder. The reason
for it is because, during  Matan Torah, Hashem tore open all 7 heavens to show that אין עוד מלבדו. 


                 מנהגים שנמצאים בכל בו
The כל בו writes that "the מנהג בכל ישראל* is to eat on שבועות,
Matzah with Saffron".The Chok Yaakov O. Ch.494 has a girsa “עוגה”
(cake) instead of Matzah. The כל בו gives the reason " because it is
משמח את הלב (brings joy to the heart)."

Saffron has an ancient history of use as a drug.It has a narcotic effect similar to opium.
 Saffron contains compounds that stimulate the production hormones that help with feelings of calm and happiness. (Google)

5-6) The כל בו also writes of the Minhag to eat on Shavuos, milk & honey (Torah is likened to milk & honey)
and to bake a  Challah with four corners (looks like two)  to remind us of the שתי הלחם or it symbolizes "twins" (מזל סיון תאומים) 

חק יכקב או"ח תצ"ד

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