Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Why, when counting the Omer some say Baomer


              בעומר / לעומר

Why, when counting the Omer some say Baomer
 and others say Laomer, and when mentioning
the holiday of Lag Baomer almost all say Lag Baomer

and not Lag Laomer?

Perhaps we can say,

The ט"ז (O. Ch. 489 sk 3) writes that the ר"ן (end of

Pesachim) uses the girsa of Laomer. The ט"ז claims

Baomer is more accurate according to Dikduk.

Minhag Ashkenaz and the Gra hold to say Baomer.

The Arizal -Shlah hold to say Laomer. The Mishna

Verura writes that most Poskim hold to say Laomer.

The machlokes of Baomer /Laomer is only
when performing the mitzvah of Sefira.

We find many times Chazal were מתקן Brochos
& Tefilos that are not 100% accurate according to
For some unknown reason, Chazal decided to use
the not so accurate word.
eg: instead of לשבת בסוכה (LOSHEVES) we say
לישב בסוכה.

When no mitzvah is being performed,(in common language)
all will agree to use the more accurate word.  (according to Dikduk) 



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