Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Kalir is not so clear

The Ibn Ezra (Koheles 5) criticizes the Piyutim of the E.b.Kalir.

He has four main complaints against them. 

1) Most of them are Chidos (riddles) & Mosholim (parables) 

2) Instead of Loshon Hakodesh, he mixes in Loshon Hatalmud

3) He invents words & uses improper Dikduk (poetic license)

4) They are based on Medroshos & Agodos instead of Pshat

The תשובת מהרשד"ם  (O..Ch 35) writes,
 The Sephardic Paytonim  have a simpler
language, and are easily understood, whereas the
Ashkenazi Paytonim use difficult words and even the
ש"ץ doesn't understand what he is saying.

He, therefore, recommends"switching to Nusach Sfard,
(בני עדות המזרח) which he claims is a superior Nusach.
 "אל תטוש תורת אמך  is not a problem because it's
only applicable when there is a small איסור involved and
not for changing a נוסח התפילה."

The Ch. Sofer (Hagohos O.Ch.68) writes that the מהרשד"ם
wasn't aware of the Magen Avraham (68) who writes. "you are
not allowed to change the נוסח התפילה because
there are 12 gates in heaven, one for each שבט. Each one 
has his own Minhag. The Yerushalmi says they are all equal
 you should not change from the Minhag of your fathers."

Had the מהרשד"ם been aware of this M.A., he would nםt
have written what he wrote.

This coming Shabbos (Zachor) in the Piyut from Elozor.b.Kalir

אָץ- He rushed

קוֹצֵץ בֶּן קוֹצֵץ - the clipper* son of the clipper  (רשע בן רשע)

קְצוּצַי לְקַצֵּץ - the clipped to clip (Bnei Yisroel -  the harmed to harm)

בְּדִבּוּר מְפוֹצֵץ - with slander 

רְצוּצַי לְרוֹצֵץ - the crushed to crush (Bnei Yisroel)

לֵץ בְּבוֹאוֹ לְלוֹצֵץ - when the רשע came to do evil

פֻּלַּץ וְנִתְלוֹצֵץ - the evil turned back against him

כְּעָץ **מְחַצְּצִים לְחַצֵּץ - for wanting to shoot arrows on Bnei Yisroel

כְּנֵץ עַל יוֹנָה לְנַצֵּץ - and wanting to devour like a hawk the dove

*בדרך צחות barber
על פי שירת דבורה

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