Monday, February 11, 2019

The Parsha Matzav -PARSHAS TETZAVE

Parshas Hashavua
ויקחו אליך שמן זית 

The Midrash Rabbah (תצוה ל"ו) says that 
"the same way as oil will always float on top of all משקין (liquids) in the world so too the בני ישראל when they do the will of Hashem they will always be on top of all the nations".

The מחצית השקל ס' ער"ב quotes from the ספר ידי משה who quotes from a גדול אחד that liquor (alcohol) is not considered משקין.
 His proof is from this Midrash that oil will always float on top of all משקין  Oil will mix with alcohol and doesn't float on top of alcohol.
Therefore we must assume that alcohol is not a liquid (משקין)

If this were to be true, then you would not be allowed to make Kiddush on liquor (perhaps no  ברכה ראשונה as well) since Kiddush has to be made on wine/חמר מדינה -  liquid or food (משקין או פת)

However, since we have a כלל (rule) of אין למדין הלכה מפי אגדה We can not learn Halacha from Agadah. Therefore, this won't be a reason to create a problem of making Kiddush on liquor.

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