Monday, February 25, 2019

R Baruch Epstein Z"L is known for his classic חומש תורה תמימה,
He also authored, תוספת ברכה, ברוך שאמר, מקור ברוך,

In this weeks Parsha, (ויקהל)  The תוספת ברכה asks " why 
Chapter 36 starts with ועשה בצלאל when it is so clear that the
whole Pasuk is a continuation of the previous Chapter.
By starting a new chapter at ועשה, some Gedolim* 
wrongly translated the word ועשה.
ועשה is a command "he should do "(future) and not a statement
that Betzalel did. (past)."
It is surprising, on R. Baruch Epstein who was very knowledgeable
and educated in worldly matters, wasn’t aware that the
chapters in,תנ"ך were done by a Christian Goy.
Otherwise, he would not have  asked (on the Goy) why  the Chapter(36)
begins with ועשה בצלאל.

* see Orach Chaim Hakadosh (36:1)

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