Thursday, February 14, 2019

Do you know the correct Teitch

ואתה תצוה is incorrectly translated 

"And you shall  command" 

or in Yiddish

 "אונד דוא זאלסט באפעלין" 

If you know the correct write it in the comment section.

for the correct translation click here

taitch matzav

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  1. Vilna Gaon, Biur HaGra commentary
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    Vilna Gaon, Biur HaGra commentary
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    Some people appear to be Torah Scholars, but are really ignorant.
    Some people appear to be ignorant, but are really Torah Scholars.


    Egyptian Cleric Salam Abd Al-Qawi said this:

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    Muslim Anti-Semitism Compilation, 2009 January 8

    The Koran’s 5th chapter, verse 82 says:

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    are the Jews and the polytheists...”

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