Thursday, January 10, 2019

3 questions for Parshas Boi


3 Questions:

There is a מחלוקת רש"י ור"ת how to place the
Parshiyos in the Tefillin and the Mezuzah on the doorpost vertical  or horizontal.

To be יוצא ידי שניהם the Mezuzah is placed at an angle.

To be יוצא ידי שניהם the Medakdekim wear both Rashi & R.Tam Tefillin.

1) Why don't the מדקדקים place two Mezuzos on each door post one vertical and one horizontal to be יוצא ידי שניהם?

2) Why don't we place the Parshiyos in the Tefillin at an angle to be יוצא ידי שניהם?

3) Why when placing the Mezuzah at an angle don't we say that you are not יוצא  according to both Rashi & R.Tam,
since it is not vertical and not horizontal?

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