Tuesday, January 5, 2021

vort for parshas shmos

Parshas Hashavua

The Gemoro (Sotah 11a) says, during the discussion of הבה נתחכמה לו Pharoh had 3 advisors.

בלעם who advised him to go ahead and kill the boys ended up being killed himself.

2) איוב who kept quiet was punished with יסורי איוב.

3) יתרו who ran away was rewarded that his grandchildren sat in the לשכת הגזית (Sanhedrin)

If יתרו was rewarded for running away it is obvious that he could not have changed the situation. Otherwise, he should have stayed and changed Pharoh's mind.

If so, then why was איוב punished and why so severely?

R. Chaim Shmulevitz Zt"l answered, " אויב עס טוט וויי, שרייט מען" If it hurts then you scream.

The fact that he stayed on and was able to keep quiet proved that it didn't hurt him while his brethren were suffering. For this, such severe punishment is in order.

Supposedly a similar answer was given by one of the Brisker Roshei Yeshiva who said, that איוב held that since he anyhow won't be able to make any changes to Pharoh's decision so why make noises about it.

Hashem showed איוב that the same way if someone
bangs himself and gets hurt he screams "Ouch" even though it won't reduce the pain or change the situation.
So too he should have  screamed to Pharoh "Ouch" even if it won't help or change the situation.  

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