Wednesday, January 18, 2023

How to Fight the Chasidim -Parshas Vaeiro

R Yitzchok Volozhiner Zt"l advised his Talmidim who were entering the Rabbinate,  how to deal with the new  movements that have sprung up in Judaism. (Chasidim) He advised  them with the advice he heard from his father (R.Chaim Volozhiner zt"l)

R. Chaim said that it is forbidden to fight them publicly. 
Open warfare, all it does, is it strengthens the opponents. (no point to do so)
R. Chaim also warned that those who harass them (the Chasidim) will not survive.

R. Yitzchok proved his father's point from the frog in מצרים that started as a single frog and the more they kept hitting it, the more frogs kept multiplying.

My personal & humble understanding in R. Chaim is,  If one has different opinions and השקפות than yours, even if you believe God & the Gedolim are on your side, you may argue and try to prove to him intellectually why you are in the right and he is in the wrong.

You may not, however, attack, bully, harass etc. him for having different השקפות than yours even if you are sure that you are right and he is wrong.


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