Monday, November 12, 2018

Did you know?(196) PROVEN SEGULA

                     Proven Segulah by Rav Hai Gaon

The Minhag is to stretch out the והוא רחום & ברכו on Motzai Shabbos. (said slowly) (
רמ"א או"ח רצ"ג:ג)

The שערי תשובה quotes the בה"ג that one should also answer back ברוך ה' המבורך לעולם ועד slowly. Doing so prevents bad things from happening in the coming week.

The Chida writes, he saw the handwriting* of R Chaim Vital who quoted רב האי גאון that stretching out the ברוך ה' המבורך on Motzai Shabbos is a proven Segulah to have הצלחה.

Supposedly, R Ch.Vital asked that all his כתבים should be destroyed before they bury him and it was done so. ???


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    CHRONOLOGY: Rabbi Eliyahu Lopian was
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    SOURCE: Reb Elyah (page 157)
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    Mesorah Publications, Brooklyn, New York,
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