Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Missing Letter

Our Mesorah has nine times a נון הפוכה (upside down letter נ) in תנ"ך. Twice in Bamidbar 10:35 (ויהי בנסוע) and seven times in Tehillim.

The last Rashi in this week's Parsha writes that
 "- הנון הפוכה " 

In our מסורה both The Aleppo & The Leningrad Codex,(
before Rashi) there is no נון הפוכה at the end of  Parshas נח.

The בית יוסף 
יו"ד ס' ערה quotes from the רשב"א that our Sifrei Torah are kosher even though we have no נון הפוכה.


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  1. Once again, thank you for showing me
    how little I know, which helps me
    to gain precious humility :-)

    The Progressive Movement and Anti-Semitism
    by Joshua S. Block



    There are elementary schoolchildren in Earl’s neighborhood who need to hear some of his stories.

    They should hear about the time when Earl [an African American] was on Okinawa, “the rock” [during World War II].

    He complained about segregation in the [American] Army and was thrown in the stockade [army prison] for insubordination.

    One of his friends slipped out of the barracks at night and low-crawled to the fence line outside Earl’s cell.

    His friend told Earl that he had overheard the commanding officer say that they were going to find a way to provoke Earl when he was on work detail, make Earl attack one of the guards, and then they would shoot him [dead].

    They said: “That man will not leave the rock alive.”

    They also need to hear Earl tell his story about the Jewish doctor on the [USA Army] base who did not want to see anyone punished on account of prejudice.

    The doctor risked his own career, got Earl off the rock [Okinawa], and saved Earl’s life.

    He also – to hear Earl tell it – changed Earl’s own prejudiced view of people who were Jewish.

    SOURCE: Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life(chapter 6, page 67) by Eric Greitens (Navy SEAL), year 2015 CE, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publishers, ISBN 9780544323988 ISBN 054432398X


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