Friday, October 12, 2018

Full Of Bull


In the Torah months have no names. They are numbered (1st, 2nd etc.) except for ניסן which is called חדש האביב.

In תנ"ך we do find different names for some months.
 ניסן = אביב, אייר = זיו,  תשרי = ירח האתנים, מרחשון= בול

The months אלול,כסליו,טבת,שבט,אדר & ניסן appear in 
תנ"ך (as is) Chodesh Cheshvan in תנ"ך
 (Melochim 1:6:38 is referred to  as ירח בול  month of Bull.

The Midrash (תנחומא) writes that after the מבול
it used to rain heavily for 40 days starting from Rosh
Chodesh Cheshvan. Shlomo Hamelech after completing
the Bais Hamikdash davened for the heavy rains to stop.

Therefore the מ from מבול was removed and changed 
to בול. (The month the Bais Hamikdash was completed)
The פרי חדש writes if a גט was dated ירח בול it is
a kosher גט.
The רמ"א (Hl. Gittin 126 :6) writes to spell the month
מרחשון  (not חשון ) in a גט.
The Poskim (Pischei Teshuva- Get Poshut)  rule if it was written חשון “  it is כשר בדיעבד.

Harav Hagaon R. Y.S. Elashiv zt"l ruled, If a Rosh Yeshiva,
Rov etc. was Mesader with a Kesubah spelled “ חשון“ ,    
since בדיעבד it is Kosher, you should not embarrass him
to make him correct his mistake.


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  2. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the page layout
    of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.

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