Monday, September 17, 2018

Men only

Some are makpid to stand on Yom Kippur during the whole Davening to imitate the מלאכים.

Poskim* say that this Chumra doesn't apply to women since there are no female מלאכים.

There are other Poskim who say they should not say on Yom Kippur בשכ"מ loud for the same reason.

The **ספר אורח נאמן writes that for the same reason women need not keep their feet together when Davening שמונה עשרה.

*שו"ע הרב - שערי ציון
**(הרב מנחם נתן אוירבך זצ"ל (מחותן של ר' יוסף חיים זוננפלד זצ"ל


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  1. Maybe I’m wrong about this, but to me
    it seems that this chumrah does not
    accomplish anything, except to make
    Yom Kippur even more difficult for Jews.

    Isn’t Yom Kippur difficult enough
    without adding pointless chumrahs?

    Isn’t being Jewish difficult enough
    without adding pointless chumrahs?


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