Thursday, August 30, 2018


When would the ש"ץ on Shabbos says יהיו לרצון twice more than he does in the weekdays?



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  1. Midrash Rabah, Seder Bereshit,
    Parshah 9, Paragraph 9:

    For those who possess mitzvot and good deeds,
    there is Gan Eden [Heaven]. For those
    who do not, there is Gehinom [Hell].

    Pirkei DeRabbi Eliezer, chapter 19:

    “Adam the first man said: Through me all
    [future] generations will learn, that all
    who confess their sins and abandon them,
    will be saved from Gehinom [Hell]…”

    Minor Tractates of the Talmud, Ebel Rabati
    Semachot], chapter 2, paragraph 9:

    “…All those who [sincerely] confess [their sins]
    have a place in the afterlife of the righteous….”


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