Wednesday, August 15, 2018


לז"נ מלכה בת ר' עמרם ע"ה - ג' אלול

Parshas Hashavua

Perhaps if we change the

           "שאסרו חז"ל מפני הסכנה שלא לקוץ אילן העושה פירות" 


שאמרו חז"ל שיש סכנה
לקוץ אילן העושה פירות

would solve the קושיא on the ט"ז

It is the Torah who forbade us to cut the

but Chazal said that it is a
to do so.
(There are additional Chumros when

is involved.)
This סימן in שלחן ערוך discusses various different things that are אסור because of
סכנה. All  the ט"ז is trying to do is add another סכנה of Chazal that we should avoid.אמבצ

As far as I am aware, there is no other איסור דאורייתא  where Chazal tell us there is
a physical danger transgressing the Mitzvah.

 BTW. The
 of cutting down fruit trees
is not mentioned anywhere in Shulchan Aruch
 (Ch. M. 382) does mention it indirectly.

            Some incorrectly answered that Chazal forbade cutting the tree even when it would be מותר מדאורייתא
            (more profitable)
This answer is totally incorrect.

There is no such Chazal. On the contrary, Chazal (Bava Kama 91-92) said you may cut down a fruit tree if the profit is greater than the tree.
The ראש adds even if it is not more profitable but  the space is needed.
The ט"ז a few lines later writes that he himself was מתיר to cut down a fruit tree so they can build a house in its place.

It is true that צוואת ר"י החסיד forbids cutting down the tree even in such a case because of סכנה but that is not Chazal Assering.

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