Monday, July 30, 2018

Psak From Reb Elyashiv -Answer To Riddle

see riddle here

1)  Brocho Achrono needs a shiur (minimum amount must be eaten).
2)  Brocho Rishono has no shiur. (no minimum food need to be eaten)
3)  Food that is harmful, no Brocho is made

When he bites into the first משהו (minimum piece), it is not yet
harmful (too small), he is obligated in a Brocho Rishono.

After eating a shiur, it is harmful, therefore no Brocho Achrono is said.


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  2. Where is the source of this pask? I would think the Rav is obligated to tell him it's assur to eat. I guess he doesn't view a small amount as a chetzi shiur. I would think the 1st bite is assur as he knows he'll continue to eat the entire danish.


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