Monday, May 7, 2018

Whoever Wants


The Rema (O.CH. 428:6) writes "The Minhag
is not to call up  for the  Parshas Tochecha Aliya
by name.אלא קורין מי שירצה."

There is a Machlokes between the M.V. in Biur Halacha
and the Machtzis Hashekel How the Gabai should call up
for the Tochecha.

According to the Machtzis Hashekel he actually calls up,
"Ya'amod Mi Sheyirtze"

The Biur Halacha argues and claims, He doesn't like when
they come up with new  ideas that doesn't sound right
and also there is no such Minhag to do so". 

Therefore he holds,the  Rema meant to say to find a person 
who is willing to take this Aliya and then you  call 
him up by his name. (He agrees it's a Dochek Pshat in the Rema)

The Machtzis Hashekel claims this not to be a solution
because there is a possibility that even after agreeing to take
the Aliya he will back out the last minute. (will panic with fear*)

I have a strong feeling that the Heiliger Chofetz Chaim wasn't
aware that most  western Europe (Germany, Austria etc.
Oberland Hungary & Czechoslovakia) the Minhag was to call up
"Ya'amod Mi Sheyirtze". (Like the Machtzis Hashekel) This Minhag 
goes back to at least the 17th century (Mekor Chaim Bachrach) and 
most likely very much earlier. 

Had the Heiliger Chofetz Chaim been aware of it,
he probably would not have written "וגם אין נוהגין כן - לחדש ענין כזה ".  
He might have even changed his mind and agreed with the 
Machtzis Hashekel to call up Ya'amod Mi Sheyirtze.

*It is interesting how in the olden days 
most people feared taking this Aliya and even after
agreeing to do so we were concerned they might 
back out. Today, I am not aware of a single Bal Keriah
who refuses to lein the Tochecha so that he won't need
to get this Aliyah. 


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