Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Who Is This Kohein -Can You Answer This Riddle

  כהן מיוחס This
  (kosher) married to a kosher wife and is
100% frum (isn't מטמא למתים  etc.) 

He does Birkas Kohanim
yet the Gabbai doesn't give him the כהן Aliya 
(no Mitzvas וקדשתו for this כהן) ??

הלכה מפורשת בשו"ע                              


  1. I have a different question:

    Why do some people believe that helping or honoring a gair is more important than helping or honoring a kohen?

    You cannot get the truth about Israel
    and the Middle East from the Israel-hating
    and Judaism-hating New York Times,
    but you can get it from these web sites:

    PLEASE help SUE the terrorists in court:

    Israel's Legal Aid Fund
    (for soldiers sued by terrorists):

  2. A ger is certainly a ger - 100%. However, today we rely on a chazaka that you are a kohen. this is analogous to אין ספק מוציא מידי ודאי.


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