Monday, May 14, 2018

Segulah from an Ish Halacha

Segulah from an איש הלכה

Chazal tell us, at מתן תורה all the sick were healed

Harav Hagaon R.Y.S. Eliyashiv zt”l said, "Every year on שבועות this same השפעה comes down to the world.

On שבועות, it is the opportune time to daven for רפואות. There is a special סגולה for Hashem to heal the sick. 

The best time to daven for רפואה is, during the קריאה of עשרת הדברות."

Yehi Ratzon , The אל מלך רופא נאמן ורחמן should send to all, רפואות וישועות etc.

לזכות עקיבא בן ריזל לרפואה שלמה בתוך שאר חולי ישראל

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  1. Thank you for trying to help the Jewish
    people by publicizing this segulah.

    May I humbly suggest that you locate
    an exact source for this segulah?
    The Biblical Book of Jeremiah, end of chapter 17,

    If the Jewish people observe Shabbat
    [the Jewish Sabbath] then Jerusalem will
    be ruled by Jews forever (verses 24 to 25).

    But if Jews DO NOT observe Shabbat,
    then the Land of Israel [literally, Jerusalem]
    will burn with fire (verse 27, last verse of chapter).

    Based on Jeremiah chapter 17, it seems possible
    that the real reason why so many nations want
    to take Jerusalem away from Jews is because
    many Jews DO NOT honor Shabbat.

    In the Biblical Book of Joshua, chapter 23,
    verses 12 to 13, G*D reveals that:

    If Jews intermarry with non-Jews, then He
    will NOT help the Jews conquer the
    Land of Israel. And even worse, the sin
    \of intermarriage will cause the Jews to
    be driven out from the Land of Israel.

    Based on Joshua, chapter 23, it seems
    possible that the real reason why so many
    nations want to take the Land of Israel
    away from Jews is because many Jews anger
    G*D by intermarrying with non-Jews.

    Rambam Refutes Reform Judaism:

    Rambam Rejected Childless Messiah:


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