Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Minhag Avodah Zara-Dancing around a fire

Shevet Halevi  7:136

The Tosefta (Shabbos 7:1) says clapping hands or dancing in front of a fire is אסור because of דרכי אמורי

Harav Hagaon R.S.Wosner zt"l was asked if in camp dancing around a bonfire is permissible or there is an איסור of דרכי אמורי.

One of the reasons to consider why it might be מותר because perhaps the Tosefta is referring only when the dancing is done for the honour of the fire. (A holy fire lit by a Rebbe who said לשם יחוד  & seven times ויהי נועם etc.) Then it has traces & elements of עבודה זרה.

Whereas in camp it's just done for the warmth, light,& fun. Perhaps there it is not considered מנהג עבודה זרה.

Rav Wosner concludes that even in a camp bonfire there is  reason to be מחמיר and refrain from dancing around it so
as not imitate עבודה זרה festivals.


  1. The Tosefta on tractate Shabbat,
    chapter 7 paragraph 1, and also chapter 8 paragraph 4,
    teaches that: tying a red string around oneself
    is Darchei Emori [a worthless, superstitious
    practice, close to idol-worship].

    May I humbly suggest that Toras Aba should
    translate that entire paragraph, to benefit of all Jews?

    Also, the "Labels" for this article
    should include Darchei Emori.

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    Asher Wade: Methodist minister
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  2. Mr. Cohen ,

    This was already addressed over here

    http://torasaba.blogspot.com/2014/08/the-two-original-sources-for-red-string.html .

    Thanks for stopping by


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