Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Lag Baomer Misinformation

Lag Baomer quiz

1) Where is Kever Rashbi located?

According to R. Menachem Hachevroni (13th century) in Kfar Chananya *(15 km. south of Meron)

2) When was Rashbi niftar?

According to the Chida, there is no Mokor that Rashbi was niftar on Lag Baomer**.

3) Who wrote the Zohar?

According to the Yavetz, it was R. Moishe d'Leon (not Rashbi)

4) What day did the Talmidei R. Akiva stop dying?

According to the majority of Poskim, they still died on Lag Baomer but stopped on the 34th day of the Omer.

5) How many Talmidim of R. Akiva died between Pesach & Shavuos?

The Gemoro (Yevamos 62) says 12,000 pairs of Talmidim.The Midrash says it was only 300 Talmidim.

6) What did they die from?

The Gemoro says they all died with a disease called Askera. According to Harav Hagaon Y. Henkin zt"l and others, the Gemoro 
uses Askera as a code for getting killed by the Romans. (seems they went to Yeshivas Hesder & the army)

7)  How can you bring Nachas to Rashbi (guaranteed)?

The Shoel Umeishiv ( 5 - 39) writes " if you distribute the money to Aniyei Eretz Yisroel instead of spending it to go to his Kever etc., 
he guarantees Rashbi will have much more Nachas Ruach.

*R. Binyomin Todelo mentions being at the Kever of Hillel & Shammai but no mention of Rashbi
**The first to mention Yahrzeit of Rashbi on Lag Baomer is the Sefer "Chemdas Hayamim" (controversial Sefer)  

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  1. Where does the Midrash say it was only 300 Talmidim?
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