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Parshas Vayeiro - Amazing Story From Reb Moishe Feinstein

HORAYOS 10b-11a

מנין שאין הקב"ה מקפח אפילו שכר שיחה נאה שאילו בכירה דקרייה מואב וכו' 

Lot's firstborn daughter named her child מואב thus recalling she bore him from her father.
​ ​
Lot's second daughter named her child בן עמי which do not explicitly recall the child was from her father. For being more discreet than her older sister, she was rewarded.

In the Hakdama to the Igros Moshe (O.Ch.8 ) there is a very interesting story supposedly told by R. Moshe zt"l:

R. Moshe went to be מבקר חולה in Luban a sick person whose tongue had swelled up.

He told R.Moshe the reason why he contacted this disease.
​ ​
He said he had a קושי'
 " משיח How is it, that the 

will be an offspring of these women who were not even ashamed to  name their children and publicize having relations with their  

own father

One day he had a dream

Two elderly women came to him and claimed to be the daughters of Lot. They told him they heard his complaint and wanted to respond.

They said they could have easily claimed that the children were born by an  immaculate conception and invent a new religion


They intentionally named them עמון ומואב

(embarrassing themselves) to publicize

that there is no such thing as an immaculate conception.

For this reason they were  rewarded that the true
משיח will come from them.

They also told him that he was being punished

for speaking badly about them.

After he finished telling the story to R.Moshe
he turned to the other side and died.

Reb Moishe Feinstein speaking in Toronto 
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