Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Womens Minhagim

 The שערי תשובה ס' רס"ג quotes the שאילת יעבץ ס' ק"ז :

 "Women making a שהחיינו  when lighting Yom Tov candles has no basis in Halacha, however, there is no need to stop them from doing so".

The יעבץ writes that "there is not a single Posek who says to make a שהחיינו at candle lighting. The one exception is the
קיצור השל"ה who is not reliable. Even so, his own wife made the שהחיינו and he wouldn't stop her"

From the  (ערוך השלחן (רס"ג, it seems, It's a bigger problem with women who light before night time (Yom Tov) since the Bracha
can't be applied on the day of Yom Tov when it is not yet Yom Tov. However, he too writes to allow the בנות ישראל to keep
their Minhag and say שהחיינו at הדלקת נרות של יו"ט.


  1. But there is something called tosefes yom tov/ Shabbos, and you can even make Kiddush during tosefes Shabbos (not Pesach, but in general).

    1. True, but the Tosefes Yom Tov / Shabbos starts after candle lighting whereas the שהחיינו is said before lighting.

  2. Not necessarily. There are those who bless after lighting to be consistent with the way it is done on erev Shabbos. Plus, once the isha said "asher kideshanu...." she is (perhaps) mekabel yom tov.


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