Monday, March 26, 2018

Someone Got Ripped Off For his Chad Gadya Goat

 Harav Hagaon R. Yizchok Meir Goldstein Shlita (מחבר ספרי שפתי יצחק ועוד)
writes in his Haggadah  that the Gemoro Brachos 44b says:

 א"ר חסדא אפילו גדיא בר זוזא 

 Rashi explains שמן וטוב ששוה זוז    

From Rashi we see that even a good & fat kid is worth only one זוז  

If the father bought  (דזבן) the kid for two זוזי then he was ripped off.

If the father sold (דזבין) the kid for two זוזי then he ripped off the buyer.              

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