Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Birkas Hamazon after drinking a glass of water

Birkas Hamazon after drinking a glass of water
According to R.Ch. Kaniyevsky Shlita, If someone was
thirsty at the end of his meal, and waited to drink
water till after Birkas Hamazon, he must Bentch again
Birkas Hamazon * (D’oryasa)

The Mordechai holds if you are thirsty at the end of
the meal and Bentch then your Benching was only
מדרבנן Therefore after you Benched if you
drink a glass of water you  are now מחויב מן התורה to 
Bench(again) The first Bentching doesn't count
since it was only a דרבנן Bentching.

*see Rema O.Ch. 197:4

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