Monday, February 19, 2018

Dont Mix Up The YOtzros

לז"נ אמי מורתי מרת געלא בת ר' אברהם אשי *זצ"ל
יום השנה ד' אדר

Even though the term Yotzros is
commonly used for all the Piyutim
said during Davening

The proper term for the Piyutim  during 
Davening, are as follows,

The Piyut said before

       נשמת     is called נשמת 

                  יוצר is called  יוצר אור

אופן   is called  והאופנים 

 מאורה    is called    יוצר המאורות

אהבה   is called   הבוחר באהבה

 זולת      is called   ואין אלוהים זולתך

גאולה      is called    גאל ישראל

The Piyutim said during Chazaras 
Hashatz are called ( קרובות (קרובץ   
which have four parts מגן,מחיה,מי כמוך,
and סילוק the last one before 

The seven Piyutim during Chazaras 
Hashatz of Musaf are called שבעתא 

*The Chavas Yair used the term  זצ"ל on his grandmother.
My mother too was a great צדקת ז"ל She spent hours every
day Davening all three Tefilos and saying Tehillim having in
mind countless people. She single-handedly ran her own 

Chesed organization helping נצרכים,אלמנות &יתומים etc.

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