Thursday, February 8, 2018

Buried in Gush Chalav

רבי מאיר בעל הנס      

According to the Yerushalmi (Kelaim 9:3), R. Meir died in
(חוץ לארץ (אסיא  and his body was placed in the sea in חו"ל.

The first source that mentions  R. Meir’s burial place
in E. Y. is in the Sefer גלילות ארץ ישראל. He writes that R. Meir  
the Tanna is buried in the city of Tveryah.

The Seder Hadoros  quotes the same  Sefer גלילות א"י  
who writes, " R. Yitzchok from Gush Chalav and 
R. Meir Baal Haness are both buried in Gush Chalav. The
Gelilos E.Y. also writes that he doesn’t know who they were.

R. Yakov Lipshutz in his  Sefer Zichron Yakov  (vol 2 p 30) writes, 
"The pushkes  for the poor in Eretz Yisroel  were  named after  an 
Ish  Chasid  V’kadosh who lived in Eretz Hakodesh a few hundred 
years  ago. He was famous – and was called R. Meir Baal Haness”.

Two of the most prominent and respected Frum historians 
(R. Yechiel Heilprin- Seder Hadoros  & R. Yaakov Lipschutz -
Zichron Yaakov ) both believed, that R. Meir Baal Haness  
and the Tanna R.Meir were two different people.

 1)                       R.M. is buried in Tveryah    RMBH is buried in Gush Chalav

 2)                       Seder Hadoros & Gelilos E.Y.  both don’t know who R.M.B.H. was

 3)                       Zichron Yaakov claims R.M.B.H. lived a few hundred years ago
                           R.M. the Tanna lived two thousand years ago.
  4)                     To donate  L’iluy  Nishmas a Tanna who was niftar 2,000 years ago
                           sounds  strange. 
                           A Neshama from 2000 years has reached its peak a long time ago.

  5)                    The hundreds of Tanoim & Amoraim most of whom were 
                          also, מלומדים בנסים   yet their Neshama doesn't need an Aliyah
                          and the Tanna R.Meir  needs our Zchusim for his Aliyas Neshama.
  6)                     The Loshon, בעל הנס is not found in Shas.  In Gemoro

,                           we only find the term מלומד בניסים.

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