Monday, December 11, 2017

Words Count

How many words in the Parsha?

The Mesora counts the amount of Pesukim in each Parsha.

In Parshas מקץ the Mesora counts not only the Pesukim but  also the amount of (2025) words in the Parsha.

The Bnei Yisasschar quotes  R.Z.H. Ziditchoiver zt”l  who says:

"It is for a Remez for Chanukah.  

The word נר= 250  x 8= 2,000

Add 25 כה כסליו equals 2,025"

The actual exact count of words is only 2022 and not 2025

ומצוה לישב

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  1. or. he's just wrong, i seen no hashkafik problem in saying that...


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