Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November 22

The Maharil writes that you start saying ותן טל ומטר  on the 22nd* day in November and the siman is בך יבורך ישראל

The Mahril (1365-1427) had  the Julian calendar. 60 days from the Tekufah** was November 22.

In 1582  the Gregorian calendar was Introduced.60 days from the Tekufah
is Dec.4. (until 2100 then it will be on Dec.5)***

*The Abudraham mentions the 22nd & 23d

**Solar year divided by 4 (Tekufos) 
=91days, 7 hours + x minutes

***every 100 years it keeps moving up by
a day, except for a century that is divisible
by 400 example 2,000 (in the year 2000

we didn't move to the 5th

Click here for a summary on a shiur given by Reb Shlomo Miller about Vsein Tal umatar 

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