Friday, November 10, 2017

ממשה עד משה לא קם עוד כמשה

Since Moshe Rabbeinu, there has never been such a great Rebbie in Hilchos צדקה as R.Moishe Reichmann זצלה"ה  He taught כלל ישראל how to support Mosdos Hatorah and נצרכים. He was the first to give away hundreds of millions to Mosdos Hatorah & individuals. He was the one who needed no recognition for his deeds. He was the one who understood that even the one on the receiving end is entitled to כבוד There almost wasn't a single Frum Yid in the world who hasn't benefited directly or indirectly from his צדקות  He was משכמו ומעלה גבוה ועניו מכל העם 
                              יום השנה כ"א מרחשון - יהי זכרו ברוך
  (. אמר רבא הנושא אשה צריך שיבדוק באחיה (ב"ב ק"י     
Why would Yitzchok marry Rivkah, whose 
brother Lavan had a dubious reputation?

Chazal tell us to check out the brother of 
the girl one wants to marry.

The Steipler zt"l held, that Chazal  who require
us to check out the brother of the girl we intend to
marry, is only applicable at a time and place where
all are Frum*.

In such a case if the brother is not  Frum, then we should 
suspect that there is a bad root in the Mishpacha.

In today's age where there are so many distractions
and the streets are flooded with immorality etc.
If a son ch"v  goes off the Derech it is not the fault 
of the parents.

It is not a פגם (blemish) in the family and 
one may marry his sister". 

With the Steiplers סברא (logic) we can understand how
Yitzchok married the Zaida Lavan's sister אמבצי

** דורו של משה -נחשון בן עמינדב

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