Thursday, September 14, 2017

Long Face

Minhag Ashkenaz and some Chasidic Minyanim, 
the Chazan who Davens מעריב on Motzei Shabbos 
Selichos to sing the והוא רחום with a special Niggun.

The Imrei Pinchas* writes  it is called "The long Vehu 
Rachum" based on the סוד of אריך אנפין  (long face) 
Kabbalistic term for Hashem being patient
with us and giving us more time to do Teshuva.

Growing up as a child I do remember Der Lange 
Vehu Rachum and the Chometzdike Borchu. 
The Chazzan stretched out the Hu from Vehu and
 the Chu.from Borchu.

*R Pinchas Koritzer ztl

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