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Yesterday we linked to the Unbelievable Story Of The Megale Amukos

Part 2 (The believable story)

The "unbelievable story" doesn't make any sense and sounds absurd.

If the Chevra Kadisha accepts money for a particular grave and then decides to cheat and place the Niftar in a different  grave then the onus is on the Chevra Kadisha to undo the 
injustice and place him in the grave he had originally purchased, regardless who is buried next to him.

If the Niftar was wronged there is no need for him to attend  a Din Torah. For sure there is no need for the Niftar to dig himself out of his old grave and bury himself in the new one. 

The believable story :

The מגלה עמוקות had a son Reb Yitzchok
who was Niftar at a young age. He was buried next to his father the מגלה עמוקות. Over the years his מצבה disintegrated.

The Chevra Kadisha decided to replace the original מצבה .

The script on the original מצבה was illegible. Since he died as a young man  very little was known about him so they wrote 
on the "*מצבה "יגיד עליו רעה

The fact that he was buried next to his great father proves he must have been a great man. 

In one of the editions of the Sefer Megaleh Amukos , they printed  both versions of the יגיד עליו רעו מצבה story with a picture of the 
Yagid Olov Reio מצבה, taken before the war. (WW2)  
The name" Yitzchok " son of the מגלה עמוקות. is clearly 

legible. (circled in yellow)

Text on top of the מצבה stating that they had to 
replace the original מצבה and couldn't copy the 
original text because it disintegrated. 

*In Iyuv 36:33 it is spelled רעו with a ו and not  a ה.
It's possible they used the word רעהו  and it rubbed off.

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