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How to make a מי שברך לחולה

How to make a  מי שברך לחולה

Some Siddurim/Machzorim have the Nusach 
of the מי שברך for  sick males the following words:

"וישלח לו מהרה רפואה שלמה מן השמים לרמ"ח אבריו"
                " לרמ"ח אבריה"  and for females 

This Nusach of רמ"ח אבריה is incorrect, being the 
Gemoro (Bechoros 45a) says that women have 
252 אברים four more than men who 
have רמ"ח אברים (248

The more accurate Siddurim/Machzorim have the 
Nusach for females לכל אבריה ולכל גידיה

I also believe that in לשון הקדש there is no such
word as חולנית for a sick female. 

The correct word would be חולה with a קמץ 
under the למד (Choiloh) and for males, it's חולה 
with a סגול under the למד (Choileh)

והעלה רפואה שלמה לכל מכותינו

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  1. Very nice. But why do you write choileh. there are different ways to pronounce a cholam. One thing is for sure - saying it the Polish was with an "oi" is wrong. there are plenty of proofs that it is an open sound. oi is adding a yud - a consonant. This is incorrect!!


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