Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Invented Yom Tov

Invented Yom Tov
In the Sefer Ta’amei Haminhagim(p262) In the chapter Inyonei Hilulla D’Rashbi it says:
  “The Yahrzeit day of the Tanna Reb Meir, is not mentioned anywhere.  People recently made up a new Yom Tov as if the Yahrzeit is on Pesach Sheini.  It is  known their whole  intention  was, to make money with another Hillula.”

He also quotes a letter from the Ish Haemes  R. Mottel Slonimer zt”l who harshly criticizes them  for being עובר בל תוסיף by inventing this new Yom Tov.

The Sdei Chemed (Asifas Dinim Ma'areches Eretz Yisroel) wrote a letter to the Sephardic Chachamim in T’verya ,asking for the source of the new celebration- the Hillula of Reb Meir.
“On  earlier celebrations (Lag Baomer) the Rabonei Ashkenaz
(Chasam Sofer Shoel Umeishiv)  have complaints &  are
pained and now we come up with a new Hillula”.

The Sephardi Chachamim answered,  even though
 the Yahrzeit of R.Meir  is not known it is still proper to do the
Hilulla to raise funds for the Bais Midrash built at the Tzion. 
The Sdei Chemed didn’t accept their argument.

In the Luach Davar Be'Ito ( M.Genuth), on the 14th Iyar
he entered Hillulas Reb Meir Ba'al Hanes
a few lines later in smaller letters he writes "There is no

Mesorah for the day of the Petirah".

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