Friday, May 19, 2017

Parshas Hashovua -Parshas Bechukoisai

Parshas Hashavua:

The Rema (O.Ch. 428:6) writes, that for the תוכחה we don't call up by his name but we call up מי שירצה
whoever wants.

The  Biur Halacha writes that it doesn't mean that you call up "יעמוד מי שירצה" which has no טעם 
(doesn't sound right) it means you call up by his name someone who has agreed beforehand and
 is willing to be עולה . 

It is interesting that in the olden days when people still believed in the 11th אני מאמין of שכר ועונש it was a scary
thing to be עולה the תוכחה.  I haven't noticed today, the בעל קריאה (who usually  gets the Aliyah) to be 
scared or nervous during his Aliyah


  1. Why should the person getting the Aliyah be nervous than anyone else in the shul? Just because he is getting the Aliyah, does not mean the Tochacha applies to him more than anyone else.

  2. The Maharil writes that part of the contract the Kehila made with the
    Shamash was that he had to be oleh the tochocho.
    People were scared to get this Aliya


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Because he volunteered

            Because he was willing "Whoever wants" ( מי שירצה...