Thursday, April 27, 2017

Seven reasons for fasting Ta’anis Bahab.

 לז"נ הבחור הקדוש
 מנחם שלמה בן ר' אברהם אשי הי"ד
נעקד"ה א' אייר

               Seven reasons for fasting Ta’anis Bahab.

1)      Chillul Hashem& for the Heichal that was burnt.  ( Ms. Sofrim 21)

2)      Men & women mingle during the Drasha on Yom Tov  (Tosfos Kidushin 81a)

3)      Men & women overeat  & mingle during the meals (Eshkol)

4)      Rain for winter and no harsh spring weather so the crops won’t get damaged. (Elya Raba)

5)      Change of seasons(winter & summer) shouldn’t be harmful to the people. (Levush)

6)      Hashem should ease the Galus. (Machzor Vitri)

7)      Zilzul Chol Hamoed (Maharam  miRotenberg)

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