Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Torah World

 וכל העולם כלו בשליש אמה, נמצאת-- אלפים וארבע אמות בעולם מאריכה (*סלוק פרשת שקלים)

The Gemoro (Eruvin 21a) and R.Eliezer Hakalir in Parshas Shekalim סלוק, compare the size of the world to the size of the Torah.

According to the Gemoro, the Torah is 3,200 times greater than the world. According to R. Eliezer Hakalir, it is 2,400 times greater.

It would seem from this that the Torah is finite the same way as the physical world is finite. However, we do know that the Torah is infinite and has no limitations. 

Perhaps Chazal are not comparing the physical sizes of the two but are comparing the blessings and all the good things
that the world has to offer compared to the Torah which offers 3.200 or 2.400 times more.אמבצי

*The last Yotzer before the Shachris Kedusha by R. E. Hakalir

Yotzros-Torah Matzav

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