Tuesday, February 21, 2017

In Case You Will Wonder

This coming Shabbos when saying the סלוק some might wonder
why the Kalir says that the world is smaller than the Torah
by a fraction of 1/ 2,400 when the Gemoro (Eruvin 21a) says
that the fraction is 1/ 3,200.

Tosfos  (ד"ה אחד משלשת) points out that R.Eliezer Hakalir
argues on the Gemoro that holds that a זרת is a 1/2 an אמה 
and the Kalir holds  that a זרת is a 1/3 of an אמה and therefore
his calculation is 1/2,400

The רשש has a solution  that the the Kalir will not argue on

the Bavli.

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