Monday, February 20, 2017

Answer To The Riddle

שבת לה' אלוהיך לא תעשה כל מלאכה  

How do you have, someone doing a מלאכה on Yom Tov he is 
חייב and on Shabbos, (same situation) if he does the exact 
same מלאכה not only is he not חייב , he may even go ahead and 
do it לכתחילה? 

1)  A חולה מסוכן who is in a רשות היחיד  and needs to eat a fruit (Pikuach Nefesh)

2) There are two fruits available, one is attached to a tree in the רשות היחיד 
of the חולה. The other one is not attached to a tree but is in a רשות הרבים.

3) On Shabbos it makes no difference which fruit the חולה is given.
(both Chillul Shabbos) One may be Mechallel Shabbos לכתחילה 
pick the fruit off the tree or bring in the fruit from the רשות הרבים.

4) On Yom Tov by bringing in the (unattached) fruit from the רשות הרבים 
there is no Chillul Y.T. Picking the fruit off the tree there is Chillul Y.T. 

5) On Y.T. you may not remove the attached fruit in the רשות היחיד if you
can get the unattached fruit from the רשות הרבים.(no Chillul whatsoever)

On Shabbos you may pick the fruit off the tree לכתחילה
On Yom Tov if you  picked the fruit off the tree, you would be 
חייב מלקות.    

 (ספר האגור)

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