Friday, January 6, 2017

Nothing but Halacha

                    Nothing but Halacha 

Harav Avraham Chaim Reinman zt"l (Rav of Kretchinev)
writes in his Sefer (ויצא פרח) that when his father received 
Smicha from the מהרש"ם , the מהרש"ם warned him
that since he is a בנן של קדושים  he will be tempted
to learn Zohar & Kabblah or Pilpul in Shas.
 For a מורה הוראה (Posek) to do so is wrong  and he will be punished
for it.

A Posek's responsibility to the Tzibur is to constantly learn 
and review the Shulchan Aruch & its Meforshim without 
any interruption.

The מהרש"ם continued that when he got Smicha from
the Minchas Chinuch, the Minchas Chinuch told him the same
not to learn anything but Halacha and since on Shabbos*
when saying in the morning the Perek of אזהו מקומן it is
considered just learning Mishnayos, he should learn 
Halacha instead. 

*During the week by saying the Halachos of Korbanos
it is considered as if you were Makriv it. Shabbos these

Korbanos were not done. 

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