Monday, November 7, 2016

Why Davening for a זכר a תפילת שוא since it is סמוי מן העין ?

Why Davening for a זכר a תפילת שוא since it is סמוי מן העין ?

Most of the Oilam answered that there is a difference between
adding (to the grain) and changing (the gender of the baby). 

If it is known (אינו סמוי מן העין ) I can hear this to make a difference.
Hashem refrains from being משנה הטבע when it is out in the open. 
Increasing the amount might be considered less of a שינוי טבע than
a change in gender.

But by changing something that is unknown (סמוי מן העין) 
there it would not make a difference between changing
the gender or increasing the amount. For the Ribono Sh.Olam.
one is not more difficult than the other.

My nephew  answered (Gevaldike Chap)
A baby in the mother's womb is not a  סמוי מן העין
If he can learn the whole Torah while in the womb he
also knows his own gender. 
One person knowing, granted it's only a fetus in the womb, 

is  considered אינו סמוי מן העין and therefore a תפילת שוא

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