Friday, November 4, 2016

Please Help Daf Yomi Bava Metzia 42a

DAF HASHAVUA (next week)
Bava Metzia 42a

ואר"י אין הברכה מצויה אלא בדבר הסמוי מן העין-
ת"ר ההולך למוד את גורנו אומר יר"מ ה' אלוקינו שתשלח ברכה-

One who hasn't measured his grain may Daven for 
a Bracha that his grain should increase. The reason
for it is because something that is hidden from the
eye (unknown) the power of Tefillah can bring a
Bracha and change (increase) the original amount 
of grain.

The Mishna (Brachos 44a)
"If a man whose wife is pregnant (after 40 days) and
Davens that she should give birth to a זכר it is considered
a תפילת שוא"  (in vain) 


Why if one harvested 1,000 lbs. of wheat and he is
unaware of the amount his Tefillah can change it
to 1.200 lbs. but his Tefillah cannot change the gender
of the child even though it is hidden from his eyes 

I need help from the oilam for a good Chiluk (difference)


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