Monday, November 21, 2016

Loeg Lerosh At Meoras Hamachpeila ??

Reb Binyamin (from) Todelo traveled to Eretz Yisroel in the year 1170.
In his travel diary on Meoras Hamachpeilah, he writes:
 “The Goyim built six tombs and claim each one is for one of the Avos & Imahos.
They fool the ignorant Goyim (tourist) who pay them money, to 
approach the tombs.

For Yidden who come there and pay them money, they open
a metal gate and allow them to go down a staircase which leads
to another staircase and then to a third staircase. In there is
the cave where the Avos are actually buried. There are six stone
Matzeivos engraved with the names of Avraham, Sarah, Yitzchok,
Rivka, Yakov, Leah. (no Matzeivah for Adam& Chava) There are
also many barrels filled with bones. These bones are from Yidden
who bring their dead, there so they will rest next to the Avos" 

I am just wondering, if today where we Daven which is upstairs.
is the  place that was built by the Goyim for the ignorant
Goyim (tourist)?

It is possible this spot was intentionally chosen to Daven so 
there wouldn't be  a problem with Lo'eg Lerosh (Tallis& Tefilin etc.)

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