Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Shidduch crisis, waiting over 1,100 years to get married

According to the Sefer Hayoshor ,( assuming
Na'amoh was the daughter of Chanoch), she was
580 years old, when she married Noach.
(born year 974 married year1554)

There are  Midrashim who claim Na’amoh
was the daughter of Lemech*1st. According tto
these Midrashim she was approximately  1,150
years when she got married (born approx year
400 married year1554)

Noach was 500 years old when his wife gave birth
to his children, therefore, Na’amoh must have been
at least 650 or 80 years older than her husband.
And you thought we have a Shidduch crisis !

*The fathers of Noach and of Na’amoh were

both named “Lemech “(Pre R.Yehuda Hachasid)

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