Friday, September 20, 2019

The Dikduk Matzav

                                לז"נ ר' יחיאל בן הרב אליעזר ע"ה                           
יום השנה- ט"ו אלול                                      

 No Dikduk

 The Chavas Yair #124 writes:
 “Learning  Chochmas Hadikduk
is important and necessary only, for the basics.( , נכח-נסתר  ,זכר-נקיבה
, עבר-עתיד,יחיד-רבים,etc.)
Wasting days learning various different בינינים is not important”.
The Tashbatz 1:33 writes ,” Not knowing Dikduk doesn’t reduce
the Ma’alos of a Talmid Chacham”.

In Shu”t Ha’Rema (5-6-7) there are exchanges of letters from  the Maharshal who criticizes the Rema for writing Teshuvos with Dikduk  mistakes." כי כתביו הם חומה פרוצה לרוב בנוכח ונסתר" 

The Rema admits to him that his writing is not fluent. He says that he is careful to make his point clear and understood, and that is more important than proper grammar. Only a Sefer Torah, needs to be exact with the wording.

 The Rema continues , he is not trying
to brag about it but he never learned Dikduk in his life.

It seems, the lack of Dikduk study goes back, way before the Maskilim reintroduced it.

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