Monday, May 23, 2016

Sounds Absurd

              ?  ולשמחה מה זו עושה 

a)There  once was a person who had 15 children. One day one child got sick 
and died. The following day another child became sick and died. This 
continued on with all his children. By the end of the month all of his 15 
children died.
Someone suggested that he throw a party immediately after
the funeral of the last child to celebrate the stopping of his childrens death. 

Sounds absurd !

R. Akiva had 24,000 Talmidim. All 24,000 Talmidim died. After they all 
died ,we  celebrate Lag Baomer because they stopped dying.
Sounds right?

b) According to most Poskim, the Talmidei R.Akiva did not stop dying
on Lag Baomer. (they hold, they stopped dying on the 34th day)

What's Pshat?

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