Thursday, September 14, 2023

please help with a pshat if you can Todays Daf Kidushin 33b

Todays Daf 
Kidushin 33b

The Gemoro says והביטו אחרי משה The stared behind Moshe "One (R. Yitzchok Nafcha*) is  Doresh this Pasuk לגנאי  They misbehaved  when they looked at Moshe כדאיתא as is 

The Gemoro doesn't elaborate what deplorable act they did.

Rashi explains that being they have done a דבר מגונה   (a deplorable act) the Gemoro doesn't want to publicize it.

Rashi continues that the Gemoro is referring to the Midrash Tanchuma (also Yerushalmi)
that the Bnai Yisrael looked at Moshe and said How fat are his legs how fat is his neck all this comes from us. (our money)

The question we (my Chavrusa) had:

Why would  Rashi publicize it when the Gemoro was careful not to publicize it?

If anyone can help us with a Pshat ,please do so.

*Tanchuma Ki Sisa

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